Travel Skincare Routine

If there is ever a time to keep your skincare routine streamlined and simple, it's when you're on holiday. I generally like to keep my skincare pretty basic anyway, so this isn't very different to when I'm not travelling. You might have seen me mention most of these products in my GRWM from last week,... Continue Reading →


Fitness Friday: Working Out on Holidays

Sticking to a regular workout routine can be tough at the best of times and it's tempting to throw it completely out the window when you're on holidays. I do however, think it's still important to keep up good exercise habits as well as taking the time out to relax and enjoy yourself. So here... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas everyone! Today is Boxing Day here in Australia which sadly means that Christmas is officially over. A fact that puts a little pang in my heart. I had a lovely time with my whole family for lunch that Mum & Dad made - I'm currently nursing a food hangover, it was so good.... Continue Reading →

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