I’m Beginning to Smell a lot like Christmas

So I may have gone a little bit nuts in Lush and The Body Shop recently. It can’t be helped; their Christmas releases are always incredible.

This was an exciting piece of news the shop assistant told me about when I was there. You can sign up now and your points will still count, but they aren’t officially launching until January. I’ve always thought that TBS should have some kind of loyalty program simply because bath and body products always need restocking.

Right, now that mini freak out’s over, getting back on track…


Starting at The Body Shop. They have blown last year’s releases out of the water. I picked up the Vanilla Chai Body Wash as well as this cute little gift pack of mini Body Butters.

Every time I use the Vanilla Chai products I melt. It smells so delicious and really makes me crave a latte version, I just can not even deal. The Spiced Apple Butter does smell similar to the apple scented products they had last year only this one reminds me a lot more of apple pie and if that ain’t Christmas, what is? Both scents are quite sweet though so if that’s not really your thing, these might not be for you. That is what I have found with the Frosted Berry scent. Nice, but just too, too sweet for me. That being said though, the gist pack is a great idea for someone who just wants to try them all out. TBS Body Butters are always wonderful to use. They’re super nourishing and don’t leave your skin feeling greasy like some body moisturisers can.

Again, if you’re someone who likes very sweet, sugary scents then you should definitely give these a go.


Not having a bath in the house is a real problem when all the best smelling Lush products are bath bombs; still I did not leave empty handed. Sadly, they did not have the larger tub of Christingle Body Lotion in stock when I went so I bought the smaller one, before realising I could just try online. Which I did and now I have 2 tubs. (Totalling 4 for the year, oops! I just really love this stuff)

This will make you smell like toothpaste in the best possible way. The peppermint and menthol combination is the perfect way to wake yourself up of a morning or feel refreshed in the evening. It has been my go to body moisturiser for weeks now. Wash off in the shower? Wonderful. Smell amazing? Obviously. Get rid of dry patches immediately? Yes! Leaves my skin silky smooth? Completely. I am seriously obsessed! I’m trying not to think about what I’ll do when I run out 😦

With my online purchase I received a sample of the Fairy Dust, which is in the Snow Fairy scent. Another one that is a little too sweet for me and is honestly not a product I’m likely to use. I’m not really one for body glitter, but that’s just me.

I also picked up the Santa Baby Lip Scrub. It has a lovely peppermint smell/taste that I quite enjoy although I must say that it does stain your lips. Which can be a good thing if you’re after that, it’s just not something I was expecting and might have gotten on to the white towel I used to wipe my face.

Wow, that got quite rambly but well done to you if you’re reading this far. Leave a comment below if you did letting me know your favourite Christmas themed products. Thanks for stopping by.



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