December Beauty Favourites (’16)

Happy New Year!

This may seem an odd way to kick it off, but I did want to share with you some of the products I’ve been loving recently.

NYX Contour & Highlight Pro Palette

4 different shades each! Usually when I buy these kinds of palettes they only have 3, so I was very excited about having additional product. In particular, the white highlight shade in this palette is a beautiful option that I didn’t have in my previous 3 colour palette.

Eyelure Naturals Lashes

I’m not normally someone who wears false eyelashes at all. After purchasing some to use for my Christmas makeup looks though, I have changed my tune. I love the 031s in patricular because they do look completely natural while still adding that extra length and definition that I’m after.

The Hamilton Mixtape

I do love me a showtune or two and I jumped right on board the Hamilton bandwagon when it opened on Broadway in 2015. Even though I do only have the soundtrack and selected clips to enjoy I became completely obsessed with the show. Last November a few songs from the highly anticipated Hamilton Mixtape were released and I didn’t know I could love it more until the start of last month when the entire mixtape dropped. Hooo boy! Does it go off or what? Honestly, just go listen to it if for some reason you haven’t already.


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