Keeping Motivated + Free Desktop Wallpaper

I don’t remember where exactly I first came across this phrase but ever since I did it has stuck with me.

Effort Desktop Wallpaper
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I find it particularly motivating during times when Netflix, Instagram, or YouTube seem just that little bit more tempting than usual. Making a conscious effort towards your goals is always going to get you to where you want to be. When I can’t be bothered adjusting my CV for the 10th time that day, trying to muster up the energy to head to the gym, or write another blog post, I remind myself that I will only ever be rewarded by the effort I put in and just get on with it.

So why am I telling you all about it? Well, I thought that some of you might find it just as encouraging and helpful as I have. Which is why I have created a free desktop wallpaper for you to download.

Get yours here!

How do you get yourself out of a rut? Is it random motivational quotes like this or something else? Tell me about it!


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