What’s In My Bag?

I can be a bit of a sticky beak and love a good What’s in my bag?’ post so in case any of you are at all like me, I thought that today I’d share what’s in mine.


My current handbag is this Zara tote bag with a pouch insert (no longer available – similar). I received this bag as a birthday gift a couple of years ago and have loved it ever since! It has so much space inside for everything I’d ever want to take with me, including my huge 17″ Macbook Pro. The leather is really sturdy and hasn’t lost any shape or structure at all despite being stretched out a fair bit by jumpers and cardigans being stuffed into it from time to time.

The only downsides are that only the pouch insert has a zip, which can be a bit of a problem if you’re concerned about security. There are no compartments either, but if like me you don’t mind having to rummage through your handbag sometimes then it’s not a big deal.

Obviously, you’ve got to have your wallet and phone with you. I always make sure I’ve got my headphones with me as well so I can stay entertained if I’m ever on the train.

Living in Melbourne means that even in the middle of winter, you never know when you’re going to need your sunnies. Keeping my RayBans in my handbag comes in very handy.


I like to keep an emergency stash of painkillers, hand sanitiser, makeup wipes, hand cream, lip balm and whatever fragrance I’m wearing that day inside a small pouch. Having the pouch makes it easy to switch between bags. Usually I have hair-ties and spare ‘ladies things’ in there as well. The pouch I use it actually a pencil case I got from Typo.

More on this hand cream here.        More on this fragrance here.

And finally, a nice big water bottle (also from Typo) to make sure I’m staying hydrated.

What’s in your bag?


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